Frank Thoeny the Web Developer… high quality websites and effectively handling clients with a positive attitude.

I think content in all its forms has a lot of power to spread ideas, build communities, and engage and delight people— but you have to know how to do it right. And, in today’s world, you have to keep innovating in order to keep getting it right. That’s why I’m here. I own skills to plan, organize, architect, secure, manage and lead. I work with amazing people to keep elevating the content that lives on the web. I effectively interact with sales and marketing teams, technical and design teams in an effort to better understand and make sense of projects within the organization.

I’m always on the lookout for freelance opportunities, full-time opportunities and other projects — or just to grab a cup of coffee with someone interesting. If you have a way you think we could work together, I’d love for you to learn more about me, or get in touch!


Frank is quiet, focused and works well independently. His previous work with Drupal development specifically and e-commerce generally gives him “been-there-done-that” experience that can benefit online marketers.

Donna Queen, President, Lifeline Skin Care

Frank is a very generous person. He voluntarily reached out and guided me through a web development bug I was having, without asking for any compensation. Anyone who is willing to do that is a class act in my book.

Jake Nelson, WordPress Administrator at BYU-Idaho

Frank has been helping us with Web Development for over 3 years now.He has had the fastest turn-around time I have experienced within the past 15 years. Don’t let his shy and reserved personality get in the way. When it comes time to Web development he gets it done right and fast.

Jeff Ghafarri, A strategic IT executive (CIO) with a wealth of experience in improving top & bottom-line business performance

Frank is a warm and very friendly team member. He was very engaged in staying on top of new development techniques and is a very competent webmaster. During an exceptionally busy time for us at E-Marketing Associates, I provided assistance to the development staff and had the privilege of working side-by-side with Frank to help […]

Joshua Grieve, Director of Sales – Northern California at TravelClick

As a programmer, Frank is conscientious and thorough and is the type of person who, when presented with a challenge, will investigate and not leave any stone unturned. He comes highly recommended as one with extensive knowledge in PHP and ASP, and he could probably become an expert in anything else you throw at him!

Krystyna Jutson, Search Engine Marketing & Optimization, Site Usability & Development Consultant

As the Director of Sales of EMA, I rely heavily on the production staff to complete work in a timely, complete fashion. Frank was always the go to guy if I needed something done right. He also made my job easier by understanding that sales is not in competition with production and worked with the […]

Marcia Ring, Marketing & Communications Manager at Tohono Chul Park

Frank is an excellent web designer who has a perfect command of the HTML language. He has a knack for standards-compliant web development techniques, and is a pleasure to do work with.

Scott Greenwald, Web Designer & Developer ~ Joomla Specialist

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