Installing Symfony Core

Spent an hour and something today installing Symfony on my Windows 8.1 machine that runs xampp 1.8.3-5-VC11

It’s a pretty smooth install with the windows evaluating zip file download of Symfony. I had a hang up installing Symfony with the command line PHP and stopped the core files somewhere in the app folder. I suggest trying both installs. First try out command line PHP if you have your Windows setup with environment variables on your localhost. Your cURL is probably not a Windows environment variable so you can install using command line PHP. If that does not work, Unzip the Symfony evaluation in the htdocs folder.

Download Symfony Here:

Download  composer:

What is Symfony you ask?

The Big Picture guide states “welcome to a whole new way of developing web applications.” and I’d have to agree with that. Several larger PHP CMS frameworks use Symfony as a base framework. It’s unbelievable that Drupal is built on top of Symfony. You can use Sympony by itself to build web apps. It’s a good idea if you are interested to read through the “Big Picture” first then read the “documentation”

Symfony has a PHP templating engine called Twig. It reminds me of ruby or smarty. It’s very familiar if you have experience with PHP templating engines. The Symfony eco-system is very solid set of Symfony components, Symfony philosophy and Symfony community. Try some time. The download is free and the documentation with move you quickly to learn Symfony. Try a tutorial or two.

Symfony Components

A set of decoupled and reusable components on which the best PHP applications are built on, such as Drupal, phpBB and eZ Publish.